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Pixel Game

We build on the map a turn-base action game which is

  • Turn-base action game: in a period of time (6s), players decide what to do (shoot or move) in their range.

  • Lightweight, suitable for Blockchain: there is no heavy server calculation like in real-time game, it simply receives actions from players, executes them in order and updates result, only once after a period of time (6s).

  • Gameplay is easy to understand, but speed matters (faster action takes advantages) and multiple players playing on the map the same time, can make tons of suprising and interesting situations (explains further below).

  • Unlimited for creativeness (NFTs on the map to increase power or can trade for profit, Land owner building shop, holding events...).

Game rules

The interesting point of the game is player has to predict opponents's action and also act fast.

  • In 1 turn, players choose at most 1 action of 2 move or shoot in the range (or can do nothing).

  • After a period of time (6s) server execute actions.

    • Execute all move actions in order.
    • After all moves done, execute all shoot actions in order.
  • if 2 or more players try to move to the same location, only the fastest one can move.

  • if 2 players try to shoot each other, only the faster one can shoot, the other one die.


There can be many scenarios and these are some:

  • Player start at the center of the map, going around to

    • Get more kills
    • Collect NFTs, rewards on the map
    • Trying to reach other lands to attend some events (to get reward)
  • Last man standing.

  • Teams fight.


  • Wide approachable

The game is approachable to many people with free play no reward, or very affordable price in exchange for more chances to win reward. Or we can limit the free play (3 lives a day), and pay a little to play more.

  • Play for fun with incentives

At the end of the day, what people get out of this game is fun, the incentive reward is also for more fun (not repeating boring daily tasks to get reward). Player can equip some NFTs to be more powerful (more fun) but not guarantee the win, because the remaining playes can work together to eliminate the threat (not pay to win).

  • Healthy token economy

The whole economy will be using the game token. The generate/burn (reward/spend) rate should be stable.


  • Fake account

  • Player action can be revealed by reading the Blockchain before executing.