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Lottery Game

There will be many rounds. Each round will last in a fixed length of blocks. Players participate by picking pixels (buying ticket) on the submap and paying a fee (1$) for each. The majority of the fee will go into a pot account, which will be used to reward winners.

The winning pixel is one sub-pixel in the submap (a pixel is divided into 10x10=100 subpixels, which means with a main map of 100x100=10_000 pixels, there will be total 10000x100=1M possibilities). The winning pixel is located by 2 values (pixel [0-9999], subpixel [0-99]) which is calculated by summing all picks from all players.

  • Pixel = sum of all picked pixels % total number of pixel (10,000 in case map 100x100)
  • Subpixel = sum of all picked subpixels [0-99] % 100

The prize is divided equally if there are more than 1 winner.

  • Players who picked the right pixel win the second prize (15% of total reward)
  • Players who picked the right subpixel win the first prize (75% of total reward)

If there are no winner after 1 round, all the picks are cleared and the remaining reward and will be added to the next round.


This is demonstration with a main map 30x30

  • The green color for self picked pixel, red for other picked pixel.
  • The bold or light color indicates that there are many or fewer users who picked that Pixel.
  • The trophy indicates the location of the current winning pixel.

How to play

  • Choose an account from the dropdown.
  • Click on one pixel on the map to open submap (if click on image there will be the submap for the whole image)
  • Select some pixels on the submap.
  • Click pick and confirm paying fees.
  • Confirm the total prize increases, and picked pixels become green and bolder.
  • Confirm the winning pixel position change.
  • Switch to another account and try to pick some pixels again.